A Certified Nurse-Midwife (CNM) are licensed, board certified, independent providers who complete either a master’s or doctorate program. CNMs are nurse’s prior to becoming providers so the unique, individualized care you have come to love from a nurse you can now receive from your provider. The word “midwife” literally means “with woman” and over time this way of caring has come to empower women.

CNMs promote a relationship which fosters human dignity, compassion, and complete, accurate information so that you can feel respected and informed when making your health care choices. CNMs realize you have your own life experiences and knowledge so, with an open partnership and open communication, only the best evidence-based care will be experienced. A woman’s life is a constant cycle of events and a CNM is an expert in what is expected to come during these life cycles. “Watchful waiting” is the hallmark of midwifery which will allow for no to minimal intervention during these normal processes, from your first menses to after menopause. CNMs also have a skillful eye to recognize when intervention is needed to promote your general health.

At Desert Blossom Women’s Care, the importance of continuity of care is recognized as we foster a healing environment. You’d be surprised how many of your healthcare concerns our CNMs are able to treat! In the event that a more specialized provider is needed, we will be able to refer you to a provider who can help with exactly what you need.

Why did you choose a CNM?

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Please tell us your stories, we look forward to learning of your life experiences!

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