If you’ve decided to work through your pregnancy, it may require a few additions to your birth plans. Every mom-to-be’s situation will be different, depending on her comfort and health. Here are some of the things you should consider if you plan on working while pregnant.

Type of Work

Some workplaces present hazards for pregnancies, especially for high-risk expectant moms. If you work in a strenuous job or one that exposes you to harmful chemicals or other hazards that could affect you or your baby’s health, or your symptoms are affecting your work, talk to your boss as soon as possible. You might be able to transfer your duties or position, or at the very least, acquire appropriate protective gear. Even office jobs may be exhausting for someone who’s growing a baby, so do what you can to stay comfortable and alert, and check over your work in case your pregnancy has you distracted. For high-risk mothers-to-be, maternal-fetal medicine in Arizona can provide you with the support you need to have a healthy and comfortable pregnancy.

Workplace Culture

Make sure your boss is the first to know, especially in gossipy office cultures. Before you tell your boss, brush up on the family leave policy, have a conversation with HR, and ask your coworkers how family friendly they are. If they’re not likely to be welcoming of the news, consider waiting until around 20 weeks to make the announcement; otherwise, share as soon as you’re comfortable to take advantage of workplace benefits. No matter what you do, schedule the conversation with plenty of time for discussion, and keep it positive. If you feel as though you’ve been treated negatively because you’re pregnant, you have the protection of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978.

Bathroom Access

Early in pregnancy, you might need to run to the bathroom to throw up; later in pregnancy, you’ll be running to the bathroom to urinate a lot. Ease nausea by chewing on crystallized ginger and keeping snacks in your desk, or you can talk to your doctor about getting medicine if it’s bad. As for bathroom breaks, try to completely empty your bladder each time you go; leaning forward a little may help. Consider finding ways to multitask on your way to and from the restroom, such as talking to a coworker or getting copies off the printer.

Covering the Work

When you have a conversation with your boss, it helps to have a plan for how your responsibilities will be covered while you’re gone. As for coming back, look into childcare options and have a plan for your boss about coming back to the office — but be prepared to change it if necessary. You might head off concerns about whether you’ll work or come back by making your announcement after really good work news or after the results of a performance review are in.

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