Babies don’t come with instruction manuals, but luckily midwives exist. Caring for your newest addition is exciting but can be challenging and overwhelming. The midwife model of care means that the midwife who was with you before and during birth, taking care of you naturally at every stage and empowering you to embrace this transition, can provide support after you’ve delivered. You and your baby’s physical, psychological, and social well-being remain important to her even after delivery day. Here is what you can expect from Desert Blossom Women’s Care certified nurse-midwives.

Right After Delivery

Your midwife won’t leave the room after you’ve delivered. She will stay with you to help you and your baby transition by establishing skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding, if that’s your plan. She will also make sure that you’re both recovering from delivery day as expected in terms of getting enough rest and staying hydrated and nourished. Once you’re healthy and stable, your midwife will help you leave the hospital and go home. During this time, she’ll give you information about taking care of yourself and your baby as you recover and give you some pointers on newborns so that you know what to expect over the next few weeks.

Days and Weeks After Delivery

Getting started with motherhood takes time and patience, and in the coming weeks your midwife will help you start and find a comfortable rhythm. She will arrange follow-up visits after you’ve recovered just to check on you and your baby and answer the questions that you probably have with the same care and attention she did at your prenatal appointments. As part of your personalized midwifery care, your appointment schedule might vary depending on your circumstances, but you can expect a 2 and 6 week postpartum office visit with other visits as needed. During your postpartum visits, your midwife will assess you and your baby’s well-being and needs and discuss normal parenthood expectations. If you’re having difficulty with breastfeeding during this time, she will assist you, track your progress, and suggest changes and other resources if necessary.

Support Throughout Motherhood

After being discharged from the hospital, your baby will start seeing his or her pediatrician. This doesn’t mean your midwife will leave you on your own. On top of being a care provider, she is also an excellent source of parenting information. She will help you find a health care provider for your baby while taking your needs and questions into account and help you formulate questions for them. She might also direct you to other care services, like screenings or shots, as you need them. Ask her about breastfeeding consultants, peer support and education groups, and other professional resources as well.

Desert Blossom Women’s Care Stays with You

Your midwife stays with you after you deliver and during your transition into motherhood over the next few weeks. For southern Arizona mothers, Desert Blossom Women’s Care provides the midwife model of care before, during, and after your pregnancy. Contact us to schedule an appointment at one of our women’s care clinic locations.

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