Breastfeeding is a normal way of providing your baby with the nutrients he or she needs for healthy growth and development. Breastfeeding, most often, requires just your breast and your baby, but there are a lot of supplies that you can get that make the process a little easier and more comfortable for both of you. Desert Blossom Women’s Care has after birth care resources and expertise and can give you recommendations. Here are some of the things to think about when it comes to feeding your baby and some of the supplies you might need.

For Storing Your Milk

First things first, you need a way to maintain your milk supply when you’re away from your baby, especially if you’re going back to work. A breast milk pump can help you collect your milk for future use, and some of them and their accessories are covered by insurance. A hand pump is good for occasional pumping or relieving engorgement; an electric one can be good for work or when you need to pump often; and some moms like having hands-free pumping bras.

You’ll also want to pick up freezer-safe bottles or bags to store your milk to put in bottles to feed your baby later. If you’re pumping at work, a cooler can help you bring your milk home. Flat, screw-on bottle covers can also be used to keep milk from spilling when you’re transporting it.

For Pain Relief

Nursing can be painful in the beginning. Nipple ointment, nursing pads, and nipple shields are all ways to protect your breasts while you figure out what works for you and baby. If those products can be made cold to reduce pain and swelling or warm to relieve plugged ducts, all the better for you. A couple of soft cotton nighttime nursing bras will help you hold breast pads in place and be a little softer on your nipples. Daytime nursing bras in your pregnancy size or bigger are also a good idea.

For Comfort

You and your baby’s comfort will help make your moments together less about the discomfort and more about how special your relationship is. If you don’t already have a comfy glider or rocking chair, this is the perfect time to invest in one. A nursing pillow can let you position your baby properly for their comfort and free up a hand so that you can read or use your phone while feeding. Button-down shirts and pajamas and shirts with nursing panels are great for easy access and being discreet. Some nice maternity nursing tanks will be comfy for lounging in and have enough coverage to help you adjust to your post-pregnancy body and belly.

Bibs, burp cloths, and nursing pads will also help keep everyone clean during and after feeding. If your baby is distractible, a nursing necklace with wood or silicone beads can keep their mind on you and feeding.

For Breastfeeding Advice

When you’re breastfeeding, advice from experts can make a big difference. For southern Arizona mothers, the midwives at Desert Blossom Women’s Care can provide expertise and care you won’t find in a book. The midwife who was with you during your pregnancy and birth can also give you advice on the first few weeks of parenting and after birth care with the same compassion she treated you with the entire time. For more information or to schedule an appointment, get in touch.

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