High-risk Obstetric Services

Desert Blossom Women’s Care has partnered with Valley Perinatal to deliver the highest level of care for high-risk pregnant women.

At Desert Blossom Women’s Care, we’re committed to helping you have the healthiest pregnancy possible, and ensuring you receive the highest level of care. Sometimes that means calling in specialists to consult with our midwives in Arizona about prenatal complications or conditions. This is why we’ve partnered with Valley Perinatal, Arizona’s leading maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) practice, to better serve our patients with high-risk pregnancies.

The maternal-fetal medicine physicians at Valley Perinatal are OB/GYNs who have completed additional education and clinical experience to specialize in high-risk pregnancies. They strive to keep mothers and babies healthy as their bodies change and grow, to increase gestational ages and decrease NICU stays. In recent years, Valley Perinatal has served thousands of families at its nine Arizona offices. We are pleased to announce that one of Valley’s MFM specialists, Dr. Elton Bowen, now sees patients at both Desert Blossom Women’s Care locations.

If there is any complication or concern with your pregnancy, our certified-nurse midwives in Arizona will work with Dr. Bowen and the rest of the expert MFM physicians at Valley Perinatal to ease your worries and guide you with confidence. Together, we can catch complications sooner, use more detailed ultrasounds to interpret issues, and deliver a better experience. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure you and your baby are healthy and happy throughout pregnancy and birth. We’ll co-manage your high-risk pregnancy with these highly skilled physicians to achieve the best outcome for your family.

What qualifies a pregnancy as high risk? The following conditions typically result in additional monitoring and care during pregnancy:

  • multiple babies
  • advanced maternal age
  • obesity
  • type 1 or 2 diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • preeclampsia
  • genetic factors or birth defects

Many other medical conditions and lifestyle choices can impact pregnancy as well. It’s important to share your health history with our midwives so they can provide the necessary care and support. With help from Valley Perinatal, we address the unique needs of every high-risk pregnancy, and get you the care you need leading up to labor and delivery. Our specialized services include fetal therapy, obstetric ultrasounds and diagnostics, genetic counseling, in-utero procedures and cesarean section deliveries.

We prioritize a personal approach, and want to help make your pregnancy a positive, healthy experience. Along with co-managing your prenatal care, our midwives also can assist during your labor and birth – even if you are going to have a cesarean section. Our midwives have received specialty training as Cesarean First Assists, which means they can help the obstetrician during your C-section, and support you directly before and after the procedure.

Desert Blossom Women’s Care is the premier labor and delivery service provider in Tucson and Sierra Vista. In partnership with our MFM specialist, Dr. Bowen, our Southern Arizona midwives offer first-rate care and support for high-risk pregnancies. Please contact our team with any questions or to set up an appointment today.

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