Nothing makes the arrival of a baby seem more real than decorating a nursery. No matter what design choice you go with, or your brand of crib mattress, there are some things to consider when creating a nursery that will fit your growing family’s new lifestyle. Below are some tips from the midwives at Desert Blossom Women’s Care.


Your nursery should be as quiet and calm as possible. Arrange everything in a way that seems logical for now, and accept that you might need to make changes later. If possible, keep the crib away from windows, window treatments and anything with glass.


Start baby-proofing before the toddler years come. Make sure everything in the nursery is constructed with nontoxic paints and materials. If the room doesn’t have one, install a ceiling fan to circulate air and regulate the temperature. Keep the nursery free of germs by having hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes and paper towels handy. Have a place to put diapers and heavily soiled clothes ready.


You may be as specific or general with a theme as you want to be. It depends on whether you want a cohesive design because an idea inspires you, or you want a color scheme with themed accents that can be changed as your baby grows. What matters is that it’s comfortable for you and your baby.


Your baby will be looking at the ceiling, so avoid bright overhead lights by putting them on a dimmer. Install blackout curtains or heavy blinds to let your baby sleep longer, and keep the room from getting too warm. Consider a smaller accent lamp, and plug in a nightlight for safety in the middle of the night.


Purchase supplies ahead of time, and put them within arm’s reach so you don’t have to walk away from your baby. Choose a sturdy changing table designed for changing that can be converted into a dresser later, and ensure it hasn’t been recalled. Secure it to wall studs if possible, and lock any wheels. A liquid-resistant changing pad is a good idea as well.


Your baby’s sleeping space should be protected and secure, and requires a firm, flat mattress. Make sure the crib adheres to the latest safety regulations and requirements. Keep the crib away from things that could hurt the baby, including dangling cords, decorative cutouts and mobiles after 4 months of age. Babies should be laid on their backs to sleep, and cribs should be free of fluffy pillows, toys, sleep-positioning devices, and other things that could trap and suffocate them. Babies can be kept warm using sleepers, as long as the sleepers don’t cover their faces.


Both of you will spend a lot of time in a nursing nook, so make sure it’s a cozy one. A comfortable place to nurse includes a glider and ottoman with a slipcover. Once your baby is old enough to move around, he or she will be spending a lot of time on the floor. A durable, cleanable hardwood floor with soft, ideally natural-fiber rugs is the way to go.

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